EXCERPTS From:  A Pause in the Desert

In solstice light comes a landscape renewed in chill

delight, grasping for the remains of summer even when

it has long passed.  Upon this first month of Winter, the

sun casts subdued shadow forms which linger into the

twilight and mingle with moonbeams in the night which

will grow long and still, taking no exception to harbored

dreams of gardeners and other folk, casting them in a

game of jacks while sleep encases noble plans for the

distant Spring; hearts and thoughts just trapped like

insects in resin.  Now to tend to oneself and one's home.

Projects long left within the cluttered cloister of brain as

ways to enrich idle days, can become focal points by

which to pass the hours.  Reading books long left

unopened, gathering as they ably will, dust upon their

shelves.  Bringing new worlds, new ideas and new lands

to help satisfy restlessness into passive acceptance that

now is not the best time for working outdoors.  Holidays

approach and with them renewed correspondence with

friends and family, seeming to have just occurred but

clearly, a whole year having been and gone.  Eating

becomes a pastime.  A passion.  Laziness gains weight

in the politics of respite.  But come the garden tilling,

tree pruning and other Winter chores one month hence,

there will be a changing of the guard.  So this sojourn

can be relished even if it is brief and filled with other

rituals as it has become inclement.  Already, when

bringing out the old decorations, memories begin to

march from the recesses of experience into present day,

enlivening the season with color and cheer, if only for a


The Flower Moon


Timid as it rises

the moon shines thin

beside a vagrant planet bold.

Air fresh and cool

with pungent flowers unseen

blooming through the night.

The trill of a bird

out of place in the stillness

and followed by slealthy paws

through the violet beds.

Sniffing for food

their beaming eyes alert

this hour belongs to the 'coons

and the cats.

Two months more and scorpions

will be afoot and snakes upon

the warmth of the Summer eves.

Two months more of these cooler

days and nights between the

frosts and the fires.