An Unraveled Man ~ Dramatic Fiction

Here we meet fictional scholar Trevor Branch, a bookish enigma who has a way with women, with words and with any number of handy weapons which he must use to extricate himself from a variety of circumstances.  Traveling from his home in Arizona to locales across the globe and into deserts beyond the seas just to secure rare editions of books for his equally enigmatic shop near Tucson, Trevor must find the one fabled volume which has eluded him since his childhood, lest an inordinate darkness befall the entire world of man.  

Nauplius Borne ~ Science Fiction

In this first book of The Nauplius Diaspora Quinary, written in the voice of Ajax Blue Miles (a key character from The Sapien Way), we are brought closer to a young Trace Exide, the Nauplius King, as he will be known in the fourth millennium and beyond.  Covering the early days of his time as journeyman until he establishes himself as the preeminent Page Agent for the Corps, his daughter Ajax chronicles several of the more noteworthy chapters in Trace's life formerly withheld from even those closest to him.  Beginning a new series of five books whereby we may glean the full extent of the Nauplius influence in our future universe, Nauplius Borne also introduces Trace Exide's maker.