Author photo courtesy of C. Quinn

The photograghic montage above depicts Trace Exide's famous spacecraft, Murex, hovering at the intertidal zone on a distant planet during one of Exide's many adventures.

Welcome to the official website for the literary works of peter janousek in the jpj scribeworks archive ~

For over forty years, Peter has been writing poetry, prose, essays, short stories and novels along with his extensive journals which document the last five decades spent living in his favored high desert landscape of Arizona.  Having penned over seven million words to date, in 2013 the author began self-publishing from his extensive collection, presenting his efforts under various pseudonyms.  He now has nine books available in print by searching for title alone or simply Peter Janousek as author, at  Also, the handy Buy Now tabs under each book in the pages to follow, will transport you directly to a specific title with an option to purchase.  Where Peter has not written a summary for a given work, pressing the full cover icon featured at The Book Patch bookstore will enlarge the back cover image for the write-up on the book itself.  His landmark trilogy, for which this website is named, is also available in several ebook formats, searchable by his pseudonym, J. Peter J. or by book title, at  Scrolling ahead, you will find excerpts from and synopses of Peter's currently available and upcoming works.  Planning to eventually render most of his writing into print and electronic files, he will likely never present his poetry in ebook form, considering the nature of the genre too artistic for such an unstructured platform.  A common question asked of him is, why all the pseudonyms?  Peter has found his real name difficult for many to pronounce while pen names offer new paths to creative license.  May you find something here to bring you pleasure!